• $25.99

    Lugarti’s Ceramic Heat Emitters radiate intense infrared heat without producing any light, making them perfect for providing warmth throughout the day and night without disturbing important photo periods. Unlike basking bulbs, they create a flood of heat that penetrates scales, which drastically increases blood circulation and helps promote healing.

  • $32.99

    Lugarti’s Infrared Heat Projectors produce very important infrared A & B that penetrate deep into the muscles. No visible light is emitted so they can be used 24/7 without disturbing any day/night cycles. Instead of creating a tight beam of heat, like most basking bulbs, they create a flood of warmth that mimics the natural sun, just like they would...

  • $39.99

    Lugarti’s Reptile Heat Cable allows you to place heat exactly where you want it, inside or outside the terrarium. It can be wrapped around wood or other decor, taped underneath or on the outside wall (with electrical tape - glass tanks only), used to heat incubators, or installed in multilevel rack systems. Size: 100w (39')