Bowls & Dishes 

  • $14.99

    Lugarti’s Gecko Feeder Ledges provide arboreal geckos a secure place up high and off the floor where they prefer to eat and drink. Strong enough to hold your largest Leachie. Includes two 2oz black cups.

  • $2.25

    These disposable black cups allow you to easily clean or replace your gecko food cups when they're dirty, and they  fit our Gecko Feeder Ledges perfectly. Size: 1.5 oz Top - 2 3/8"  Base - 1 3/4" Height - 1"

  • $4.99

    Lugarti’s Round Water Bowls are designed with high quality, durable plastic and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. They also double as a hide for the cool side on an enclosure! Perfect for rack systems or terrariums.