New products

  • $4.99

    Lugarti’s Reptile Round Hides are designed with high quality, durable plastic and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. They're perfect for rack systems or terrariums.

  • $14.99

    Lugarti’s Reptile Vines are flexible, durable, waterproof, and look very realistic. Wrap two together for a natural, jungle look! Size: Large (0.75" W x 6' L)

  • $6.99

    Lugarti’s Insect Feeder Dishes are made of high quality ceramic with a glazed finish, making them virtually escape-proof for crawling insects as well as very easy to clean. Perfect for Mealworms, Superworms, Waxworms, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Butterworms, Silkworms, Hornworms, Dubia Roaches, and more!

  • $9.99

    Lugarti’s Premium Reptile Probiotics contains seven strains of naturally occurring microorganisms that help replenish beneficial intestinal microflora and stimulate appetite. Size: 3 oz

  • $3.99

    High quality, stainless steel Lugarti Bottle Opener.

  • $2.99

    Keep your beverage cool in style with a quality, neoprene Lugarti Koozie.

  • $24.99

    Lugarti’s Reptile Wound Care is an all-natural antiseptic irrigation spray that can be used to help treat common reptile disorders; notably bacterial infection, including Ulcerative Dermatitis (Scale Rot), Infectious Stomatitis (Mouth Rot), and many strains of Pseudomonas, all of which may result in death if left untreated. Size: 8 oz